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      Adenia metamorpha:

      DESCRIPTION: Adenia metamphora, is native to Madagascar, and is known only to be found only in one locality in the Ankarana Reserve, in the trail between Campement des Anglais and Vec Vert. it is a glabrous and dimorphic species that undergo a remarkable transformation. For several years it was a low geophyte plant with a large underground tuber(caudex) that allow the plants of survive unfavorable weather conditions, then a transition to a vining habit took place after several years the adults developed a thin cylindrical trunk. Adenia metamorpha is the only Madagascar Adenia with a narrow cylindrical trunk and large napiform tuber(caudex).

      HOW TO GROW: Adenias are summer growers and can be watered regularly and feed if planted in fast-draining soil. Let the soil dry between watering if you are in a humid climate. During the cool months, protect the plant from frost to keep it alive. The plant rests typically during this period, and water should be kept at a minimum. The caudex likes to be in the shade, while the leaves likes to be in the sun. Protect  your plant during the sunniest summer hours to prevent the leaves from burning.

      *****The sap is poisonous, and they should be handled with caution, particularly when pruning.

      The Plant pictured is the one you will receive. This plant will be shipped bare root.

      DISCLAIMER: We do our best to ship the plant as pictured. Sometimes the leaves, flowers, or branches will fall off or break off on the way to your destination through no fault on our part. Please message us about handling (for example: more cushioning, clipping the leaves, branches, stalk, flowers etc.) so that the specimen will be intact when it arrives to your destination. ***We ship Monday through Wednesday***

      I've been growing and selling plants since 2010. We take extra care to pack your items well. We grow everything under 50% Shade, if your growing condition is full sun, you will need to slowly acclimate the plants into your growing environment.

      All International Orders:

      Please be advised all plants exported from the US require a phytosanitary certificate.  The cost of phytosanitary certificate is not included in the price of the plant and will be added on as an additional fee.  For most standard orders, phytosanitary certificates will cost $90 (under $1000, and under 20 plants, each plant to be under 18 in/45cm). For larger orders, (quantity, size, and cost) this amount will change. Please be aware that due to Covid restrictions, we cannot guarantee a timely delivery.

      Buyers outside the European Union should know the Customs regulations of their own country. We do not take responsibility for any customs problems and confiscated plants.