Succulent for Beginners

by Jairo Ramirez on April 20, 2021
All succulents are plants that are designed to retain water.  They are drought proof, and can store water in their stems, roots, or leaves.
What succulent would you recommend for a beginner?
Our recommendations for beginners will meet these criteria :
1.  Durable to neglect,- If you forget to water and maintain them properly (although we don't suggest it, who would neglect these beautiful plants?). But if you did, these would survive!!!
2.  Small in size -  Their size will allow you minimal footprint in your indoor or outdoor garden 
Our Top Picks are :
Cacti- For those that love symmetry and spines
Succulents for beginners
Aloe CV - For those that love a little color. 
Succulent for beginners