Caring for my Succulents

The lifestyle for succulents do vary, but they can go from several years to centuries. Our team at Ilovefatplants want to make sure our customers have the best information to take care of their plants for years to come.

How much water and soil does my Succulent need?

The water needs will vary depending on the species and the size of the plant. But as a good rule of thumb, let the soil dry before watering again. Watering a lot is not a bad thing, but watering frequently without allowing the roots to dry will affect the health of the plant.

Generally, Ilovefatplants will use a mixture of 75% pumice and 25% organic material.  This allows the water to drain out letting the roots to breathe while preventing rot, bacteria, and fungus to settle in.  A good mixture will consist of horticulture grade sand (25%) and (75%) pumice, or perlite.  This mixture prevents the soil from being dense and retaining water.

Can we buy your soil mixture?

Absolutely, we have a proprietary blend that is fast draining while giving your succulents the best environment to thrive.

What are the best containers?

Regardless of species, all succulent containers need to have proper drainage. Avoid, glass fishbowls or mason jars.  

How much light does my Succulent need?

Succulents in general love light. Without enough light, they’ll look like they are stretching towards the light and grow out awkwardly.   Facing them towards the east will be ideal as they’ll get direct sunlight in the morning.  If they are indoors, a window sill for several hours will be ideal.

Repotting my Succulent

For optimal conditions, we recommend repotting your succulents; once a year, during the spring (growing season). For the outdoors gardens, we recommend repotting when temperatures have sustained an avg. or 50 degrees (F) or more.